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American Journal of Gastroenterology
Gastro Journals

-Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
-Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Online (Sleisinger & Fordtran's)
Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology & Hepatology
The Clinics e-access

Clinical Guidelines and Resources

Guidelines are intended to be an educational device to provide information that may assist us in providing care to patients. Guidelines are not rules and should not be construed as establishing a legal standard of care or as encouraging, advocating, requiring, or discouraging any particular treatment. Clinical decisions in any particular case involve a complex analysis of the patient’s condition and available courses of action.  Therefore, clinical considerations may lead a physician to take a course of action that varies from guidelines.

IBD Vaccination - Digestive Health Associates

IBD V Code References
Mayo Clinic Arizona - Guidelines for Prevention and Surveillance of Colorectal Cancer

Preprocedure Considerations in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - from Gorospe EC, Oxentenko AS. Preprocedural considerations in gastrointestinal endoscopy. Mayo Clin Proc. 2013 Sep;88(9):1010-6.  PubMed PMID: 24001493

NIH Consensus Conference Statement - Enhancing Use and Quality of Colorectal Cancer Screening 2010
Screening Colonoscopy Guidelines - Digestive Health Associates - 2011
Surveillance Colonoscopy Guidelines - Digestive Health Associates - 2011

2008 Screening and Surveillance USMSTF guideline:  Screening and surveillance for the early detection of colorectal cancer and adenomatous polyps, 2008: a joint guideline from the American Cancer Society, the US Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer, and the American College of Radiology

2012 Surveillance Guideline update:  Guidelines for Colonoscopy Surveillance After Screening and Polypectomy: A Consensus Update by the US Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer

2017 Screening Guideline update:  Colorectal Cancer Screening:  Recommendations for Physicians and Patients from the U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colon Cancer

Screening and Surveillance Colonoscopy - Digestive Health Associates - 2004 (Retired, retained for reference purposes)
Screening for Colorectal Cancer:  U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statementt
| Summary
Screening and Surveillance for the Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer and Adenomatous Polyps, 2008 - ACS

Screening Covered by ACA (USPSTF Type A and B Recommendations)
Sitzmark Test Protocols

Sessile Serrated Polyp/Adenoma  Stanford Surgical Pathology Criteria

Standardized Colonoscopy Reporting and Data System (CO-RADS)
STOP-Bang Sleep Apnea Screening Tool
UCSF Anal Neoplasia Research and Treatment Group
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IRS Notice 2010-59 - Prescriptions and related documentation are required for over-the-counter medications if paid for through distributions from an HSA or Archer MSA

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Health Policy Brief: Paying Physicians for Medicare Services from Health Affairs, June 25, 2010

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