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Website Privacy Policy

We created this internet site to provide information and resources for our patients and other visitors. You can access and browse the entire site without submitting any information about yourself, your computer, your internet browsing or file downloading activities.


We track and log visitors to our site via automatic monitoring programs.  These programs inform us about what times you visit our site and what pages(s) you access, and what, if any, words you type when utilizing a search engine to enter our site.  Digestive Health is able to log the IP addresses of visitors to the site and use this information to both track user visits and technically administer the site.  When a visitor requests pages from our site our vendors send a cookie to your computer.  This information is collected solely to improve the service we offer to you and for statistical purposes and is not used to identify individuals.  The vendors which provide this information to us maintain records of this information which we do not control. 

Privacy information for our current vendors may be reviewed at Google Analytics and StatCounter.

Please do not provide any health information, confidential or otherwise, about yourself, your family or any other person known to you via email unless you are utilizing a secure e-mail system.  We do not share, sell or rent email identity name or email or physical address information with any other partners, vendors, affiliates, or with any organization, partnership, committee or company.

Your ISP is displaying your identity, browser and operating system to us as:

Additional information about the information your ISP is currently displaying about your machine, including your Hostname, can be viewed at IPNow.org.

Contact Information

The information on our Web site is managed by Dr. Gerstenberger, to whom any website-related comments or requests for correction, clarification or modification of any website related information may be directed.  Any questions regarding this privacy notice, our privacy practices in general or other practices at Digestive Health should be directed to Marianne Sloan, our Facility Administrator.