Digestive Health Associates

Southwest Endoscopy Center


Emergency care beyond the immediate management of emergency medical conditions that arise during the course of elective care is not offered at Digestive Health Associates or the Southwest Endoscopy Center.  Emergency care requires the immediate availability of laboratory and imaging services which are outside our facility's scope of services.

Immediate Life Threatening Emergencies: Call 911
Conditions potentially needing immediate care, such as high-grade bleeding, trouble breathing, chest pain, severe pain or loss of consciousness require immediate evaluation in a hospital emergency department. In this situation you should call 911 for assistance with emergency medical transportation unless you are certain that private transportation to the emergency department is safe and appropriate.

Digestive Health After Hours Covering Physician:  Call 970.385.4022

Established patients needing urgent assistance should contact our covering doctor through our office telephone system, following the prompts provided for emergencies.  Please speak clearly and leave us your full name and telephone number.  The doctor will respond as quickly as possible.  Our physician will have access to your medical records, provided that he has a computer and internet connection available at the time of your call.

Mercy Regional Medical Center Emergency Department:  Call 970.764.2100

Mercy Regional Medical Center staff should contact the covering doctor through the physician's cell phone or home telephone number, as maintained on the hospital emergency access roster.

Digestive Health After Hours Coverage Schedule

Please be aware that the schedule posted below does not reflect limitations in immediate availability that may occur from time to time when the covering physician is attending to direct patient care responsibilities which may preclude the receipt of telephone calls.  While one of us will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to address the needs of established Digestive Health patients, we may not be available on-site at for emergencies at Mercy Regional Medical Center, which maintains a full service gastroenterology practice staffed by physicians it employs.