Digestive Health Associates

Southwest Endoscopy Center

Advanced Practice Clinicians at Digestive Health

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitoners are essential members of an effective health care team.

The Digestive Health team is comprised of a highly educated, experienced and integrated group of individuals that includes gastroenterologist physicians, physicians assistants, a nurse practitioner and nurse anesthetist, registered nurses, endoscopy technicians and office-based support staff.  We work together to deliver the care we provide to you at Digestive Health and Southwest Endoscopy.

If we suggest that you schedule your clinical appointment with one of our Physician Assistants or our Nurse Practitioner we make that recommendation with the confidence that you will receive expeditious care backed by our staff of physician gastroenterologists.  Our gastroenterologists, who divide their time between Digestive Health's clinic, the Southwest Endoscopy Center, and Mercy Regional Medical Center, have limited clinic scheduling.  We developed our team of physician assistants and a nurse practitioner (advanced practice clinicians), who work under our supervision, to help overcome scheduling delays in providing the services our patients need.  If you are seen by one of our highly qualified advanced practice clinicians your case will be assigned to one of our physician gastroenterologists who will be designated as the "physician supervisor" in your case.  Your visit report will be reviewed by your physician supervisor and any endoscopic procedures that need to be planned in your case will be scheduled with your physician supervisor.  Your advanced practice clinician will review any complex issues needing additional input with your physician supervisor, who may recommend a personal clinic visit with the physician to address special concerns.