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Hepatitis C Clinic

Steven R. Christensen, MD
-Fellowship-trained in Hepatology at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Hepatitis C is a chronic viral infection of the liver which over time can lead to serious complications, including cirrhosis, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver failure,  liver cancer, and the need for liver transplantation.  The good news is that effective antiviral therapy is now often successful in eradicating this virus and reversing effects.  Interferon-free, all-oral therapies are now available.  These new medications require as little as 12 to 24 weeks of treatment, depending on prior history of treatment, on genotype of the virus causing the infection and on the stage of liver injury that our specialists determine is present in your case.  Over 90% of patients can be cured.  To maximize the effectiveness of treatment, and minimize the risk of complications, hepatitis C management is provided under the supervision of experts.

In 2005 Digestive Health opened its Hepatitis C Clinic, which is  devoted to the initial evaluation and selection of patients with hepatitis C who are appropriate for antiviral therapy, prescription and direct management of antiviral therapy, and monitoring after treatment. 

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