Digestive Health Associates

Southwest Endoscopy Center

Breath Testing Insurance Information

Breath tests ordered by Digestive Health's physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are performed by Metabolic Solutions in Nashua, NH.

Private insurance may or may not cover this test.  In our experience, it is covered by Medicare.

Metabolic Solutions recommends that patients contact their insurance company prior to picking up a test kit to determine if the charges for the test will be covered.  Information needed for a coverage opinion may include:
-Metabolic Solutions NPI - 1710985353
-CPT code - 91065 (hydrogen breath test) or 83013 and 83014 (Helicobacter pylori breath testing for urease activity, non-radioactive isotope, with drug administration)

If a private insurance carrier determines that Metabolic Solutions is "out of network" we suggest that the following information be provided:
-Digestive Health is an "in network" provider
-Digestive Health's MD, PA or NP has determined under the scope of their license that this test is "medically necessary"
-there is no "in network" provider for this service

If a cash payment is necessary it may be made to Metabolic Solutions by check or credit card.  The current charge is $129.00.

Contact Metabolic Solutions at 866.302.1998 for additional information.